CCps MITIGATION PLAN - updated 1/21/22

Recent update: 
Close Contact Tracing and Quarantines After a Confirmed or Probable Case of COVID-19 (amended 1-21-22)

School health services staff have ceased close contact tracing for school, school bus, and workplace exposures effective January 21, 2022. Therefore, most school, school bus, and school activity exposures will NOT be quarantined. School health services staff will close contact trace and quarantine close contacts of infected persons as noted below: 
A student or staff member living in the same household with someone with COVID-19
A student or staff member who was in direct contact with secretions from a person with COVID-19 (e.g. being coughed or sneezed on, kissing, or sharing utensils, etc.)

Therefore any student or staff member who is currently quarantined due to a school, school bus, or school activity close contact exposure and is without symptoms may return to work or school on Monday, January 24. 2022. 

January 18 Update:
Per the Governor’s Executive Order Number Two, masks covering the nose and mouth are optional for students, staff, and visitors. This applies when outdoors, inside school buildings and facilities. This change has been implemented as of January 18, 2022.

Per a federal order, masks must be worn on any mode of public transportation to include on a school bus, a bus chartered by CCPS, or other CCPS vehicle transporting students or staff.

Masks will still be mandatory for the circumstances as noted in the mitigation plan as it relates to persons with an infection of the coronavirus and coming off isolation or persons who are a close contact of an infected person.

Click the links below to view the CCPS Mitigation Plan updated on January 18, 2022. Recent changes will be posted soon.



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