Mr. Sanker receiving spotlight award

October 25, 2022 started as a regular day for the Farmington Environmental Services Building Lead, Dwight Sanker.   However, that changed during lunchtime when Mr. Sanker noticed a student choking on their lunch. Assistant Principal Rose Constantini shared, “Mr. Sanker rescued a child from choking during lunch in the cafeteria.  The child was unable to breath and Mr. Sanker acted calmly and quickly to assist the child.”   Mr. Sanker said that he used abdominal thrusts to help the child clear the food.  Once the child started to breathe again, Mrs. Constantini said, “Mr. Sanker stayed to comfort and help to calm the student.” 

 In addition to this heroic act, Farmington Principal Jack Glick, along with Mrs. Constantini, said that Mr. Sanker is a respected and valued member of the Farmington school community.  In his nomination, they said, “Mr. Sanker is a responsible and reliable leader and member of our staff, who works very hard and is always willing to help others in need with a positive and kind demeanor.  He has always been a role model to others and a valued part of the Farmington family.”

 Congratulations to Mr. Dwight Sanker for being the first CCPS Spotlight recipient for the 2022-2023 school year!  We applaud his heroic actions and are thankful that he is part of the Culpeper County Public Schools team!