AirCare6 Helicopter landing as CTEC EMT students look on

On Thursday, September 8, 2022, students in our CTEC Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) classes had an amazing hands-on learning opportunity.  At approximately 10am that morning, the AirCare6 Medevac helicopter landed in a grassy area between CTEC and the Daniel Technology Center of Germanna Community College. Culpeper County Volunteer Fire Department Chief Kenny Mills provided the engine and crew for the landing zone for the helicopter. 

This demonstration, arranged by CCPS EMT teacher Stephanie Corbin, gave students a real life look into what is involved in medical air care.  Students had an opportunity to survey the landing zone and listen to the radio traffic between the helicopter crew and the ground crew.  They also had a chance to board the helicopter and see the equipment, including putting Ms. Corbin on a stretcher and loading her into the helicopter.  

Prior to the field landing, members from the AirCare6 crew gave a classroom presentation on helicopter operations, landing zones, and general information about helicopter use and safety to the combined EMT classes.  At the end of the demonstration, the AirCare6 staff talked about how they chose this career path and what education and training it took to get them there.   

Culpeper County Volunteer Fire Department also had an educational opportunity for the EMT students. Members of CCVFD brought the departments Rescue Engine for students to tour. Students learned from the volunteers about vehicle extrication and stabilization, the various tools used in performing these tasks, and about scene safety on fire and ems incidents. A great show and tell opportunity was provided to the students. 

Ms. Corbin shared, “This was a fantastic educational opportunity for my students that gave them the ability to get hands-on experience with something that our EMT curriculum covers. It is not every day that students have the opportunity to watch a helicopter land and take-off or even tour a medical helicopter.” 

 Students were excited about the opportunity. EVHS Senior Lethzy Martinez-Rivera commented, “When the helicopter came and the crew talked about their routine and experience, it reassured me that it was what I wanted to do. The firefighters opened up a new window and I really saw how cool and important their work is.”

Ms. Corbin added, “I love this opportunity for the students. It really confirms career paths and even opens up new possibilities for the students. They aren’t always aware of the potential career pathways that they can take as an EMT."

 “When AirCare came, it opened up a new window of opportunity for me,” said EVHS Senior Charity Payne. “I never considered being a flight medic or nurse, but that’s something I am now interested in. I also loved touring the fire apparatus and learning how to work simultaneously with other first responders.”

 AirCare6 Medevac of Culpeper is part of PHI Air Medical and operates out of the Culpeper airport.    

 The EMT program is one of the many great programs offered at our CTEC building.   Students who are interested in this program or other CTEC courses should check out the CTEC website or talk to their counselor about the path to taking courses at CTEC.