EVHS student serving as Senate Page

Joana Manne, a freshman at Eastern View High School, has spent the start of her Spring Semester in Richmond. While participating in her daily classes virtually, she holds another important responsibility alongside her role as a student: a Senate Page.

Joana Manne, EVHS Freshman

Manne, 14, received admission to the selective Senate Page program to page for the Virginia State Senate in the 2023 session of the General Assembly. According to their website, “The Senate Page Program is a dynamic, engaging and educational experience that honors and preserves the tradition of service to the legislature.” The program is created to provide knowledge and understanding to students across the state on the inner workings of their government. This experience is a unique opportunity for students like Manne to participate in the Senate. She and the other pages play an important role of assisting day-to-day operations like answering phone calls and staffing committee meetings, while simultaneously engaging in lessons, personalized study sessions, and speaker opportunities.

 If you are interested in applying in the future for the Senate Page Program, you can find more information at https://virginiageneralassembly.gov.