Virginia Assessment Parent Portal Resource Page

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has released a new Virginia Assessment Parent Portal. This portal will allow parents and guardians access to all of their student's state test results including fall and winter Growth Assessments and the spring Standards of Learning (SOL) assessments. Detailed reports by question will also be accessible. Once a parent portal account has been created, individual students will need to be added using their unique claim code. CCPS student codes are emailed to the parent or guardian email on file in PowerSchool once each assessment administration.

Creating an Account

Parents can access the VDOE Parent Portal at and follow the directions in the VIRGINIA ASSESSMENT PARENT PORTAL User Guide to create an account and link to their students.

VDOE: test results will be available for all tests administered after the Spring 2023 Non-Writing Test Administration. Personalized videos will be available for each student who completed a Grades 3-8 Reading and/or Mathematics Standards of Learning (SOL) assessment. Additionally, a short, non-personalized YouTube video that explains the information on a student's Non-Writing SOL test SDBQ Report, the VDOE Standards of Learning (SOL) SDBQ Overview, is available on the Parent & Caregiver Resources for Virginia Assessments website. The Parent Portal will update each Friday throughout each Test Administration with results from tests completed during the previous week.

NOTE: This is not the same Parent Portal as PowerSchool. While the email can be the same as your PowerSchool login, parents will need to create a new create an account in this VDOE Parent Portal