Autism Program Information

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Programs and Services for Students with Autism

Culpeper County Public Schools (CCPS) provides a continuum of services for students with Autism. IEP teams determine the most appropriate special education program, depending on the

needs of individual students. In adhering to the federal requirement for students to be educated in

the Least Restrictive Environment, students are included in general education to the fullest extent


Placement options include:

 * General education setting with varying degrees of support from special education staff

* Collaborative classrooms and self-contained classrooms through the Learning Support program

* Middle School Autism Resource program

* Self-contained classrooms for other disability areas that may include Autism (Intellectual Disabilities, Emotional Disabilities, and Multiple Disabilities)

* Self-contained classrooms for students with Autism

CCPS utilizes Evidence-Based Practices in educating students with Autism and related disabilities.

These include:

* Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

* Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

 * Assistive Technology

* Social Skills Instruction

* Visual Strategies

* Structured Teaching

* Sensory Integration Techniques

* Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) and Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP)

* Discrete Trial Training (DTT) for students who need an intensive level of programming

Culpeper County Public Schools utilizes a team approach in addressing the needs of students with Autism and related disabilities. Parents are our most important team member.

Your child's team may also include one or more of the following:

* Behavior Specialist who is Board Certified in ABA

* Teachers & paraeducators who have been trained and coached in ABA

* Speech Language Pathologist

* Occupational Therapist

* School Psychologist and/or School Social Worker

Culpeper County Public Schools is one of six school divisions in Virginia to receive technical assistance through the National Professional Development Center (NPDC) on Autism Spectrum Disorders, which promotes the use of evidence based practices for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders, and the VDOE Training/Technical Assistance Center.

For more information about special education programs for children with Autism and other disabilities in Culpeper County Public Schools,

please contact the Office of Special Education at


Angela Neely, Executive Director

Jennifer Burriss, Secondary Curriculum Specialist

Angelique Wynkoop, Elementary Curriculum Specialist

Susan Hauman, Support Specialist