Parent Teacher Resource Center

Parent Teacher Resource Center

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Monday - Friday
2:30pm - 4:30pm or by appointment

101 Duke St., Suite 119
Culpeper, VA 22701

Parent Teacher Resource Center Coordinator:

Kim Bledsoe
[email protected]
(540) 825-3677 ext. 4659

Announcements & Upcoming Events 

All parents of school-aged children and youth who receive special education services in Virginia are encouraged to complete the Virginia Department of Education's annual Parent Involvement Survey.  If you are unable to complete the survey online, please contact your child's teacher to receive a paper version. 

What does our center do?

  • Serves all parents whose children are or will be enrolled in Culpeper County Public Schools.
  • Provides workshops and training sessions on disability issues for parents, educators and others in the community.
  • Maintains a lending library of current educational resources for parents and educators.
  • Obtains information for parents and educators relating to specific disabilities and special education.
  • Enables parents to make informed decisions by listening, giving information, providing resources and problem solving.
  • Maintains a list of tutors (only current or retired teachers) who tutor after school hours.
  • Publishes a newsletter in conjunction with the Office of Special Education and the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC).
What does our resource collection include?
Books, pamphlets, and videos to assist teachers and parents in better understanding children with special needs and the roles and responsibilities in the education process.

Community and State Services Information

How do you check out our materials?
PTRC materials are located in our office at the Family Resource Center for easy distribution.  Materials are loaned out for a 3 week period and can be sent through interoffice mails, pickup, or drop off.

Resources and Links

Virginia Department of Education

Council for Exceptional Children

Virginia Family Special Education Connection

Virginia Family Special Education Connection

National Council on Independent Living

National Center for Learning Disabilities

National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability

National Down Syndrome Society

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Organization for Autism Research 

Organization for Autism Research - Kit for Kids

VCU Autism Center for Excellence - How to Video Series 

VCU Autism Center for Excellence - Fact Sheets

VCU Autism Center for Excellence - The Parent Playbook

Center for Transition Innovations

Colleges with Programs for Students with Learning Disabilities

College Resources for Students with Disabilities

Guide to Securing a Future for Your Child with a Disability

LDOnline College and College Prep

National Association for College Admission Counseling

National Center on Secondary Education and Transition

PACER's National Parent Center on Transition and Employment

Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

Top Ten Things You Can Do to Plan for Transition

The HEATH Resource Center of George Washington University

Think College

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