Technology Task Force

Advancing Technology in the Educational Setting

The technology task force is a focus group created by the Direct of Instructional Delivery. The group's purpose includes the creation of the division technology plan and assisting technology experts in formulating future initiatives and procedures. In particular, members provide feedback on their experiences and how the school division may be more receptive to change while balancing security and accessibility. The group is comprised of teachers, administrators, technology staff, community members, and students.


Name Role
Donovan O'Brien Director of Instructional Delivery
Dave Persson Instructional Technology Resource Teacher
Heather Glick Instructional Technology Resource Teacher
Heather O'Brien Instructional Technology Resource Teacher
James Dugger Instructional Technology Resource Teacher
Karen Ellis Administrator
Gene Beamer Network Engineer
Mark Callahan Division Testing Specialist
Nathan Bopp Administrator
Rachel Stuart Teacher, parent
Renee Wootten Administrator
Robert T Hauman Executive Director of Instruction
Alison Cline Teacher
Angela Fiscus Administrator
Danny Soderholm Administrator
Tom Ketcham Community Member
Alex Csontos Community Member
Mya Torres  CCHS Student
Jamil Abed EVHS Student