What Parents Need to Know During a School-Based Emergency

  • Please know that coming to your child’s school if you hear information regarding a “lockdown” or other security measure will distract and disrupt the operations of school staff, law enforcement, or first responders who are keeping your child safe.
  • Please know texting or calling your child during an incident may distract your child from hearing directions from school staff or cause their phone to make a sound which may actually endanger your child.
  • Please know your child has limited information about what is happening. Rumors and exaggerations are rampant during events and students often are only repeating a rumor or exaggeration they heard from an unreliable source.
  • Please know when calling the school for information during an emergency, the school staff cannot or will not answer the phones and release Information during an incident.

  • Please sign up for Culpeper County’s 911 text and call alerts as information will be released through law enforcement in serious incidents.
  • Please make sure your phone number(s) and your child’s cell phone number is up to date and are given to the school office so school text alerts and calls can be received.
  • Please don’t overreact to rumors or social media postings from students or members of the public. Repeating rumors via social media, calling the schools or 911 to relay information that you did not personally witness may divert attention and resources of the school staff and law enforcement.

  • Please trust the training and experience of law enforcement, school staff, and first responders to keep your child safe.